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04/16/07 - Added new set: "Christening".

02/13/07 - Added two new recent sets: "Baby Portraits" and "Family Portraits".

08/07/06 - Added link to "Tommy & Mike's Wedding" in "Weddings" section.

09/18/05 - Added a new gallery, "Jenny the Juggler".

09/09/05 - Added a new gallery, "Tommy & Mike's Wedding", removed a gallery.

08/28/05 - Added a new gallery, "Block Party", removed a gallery.

08/25/05 - Added a new gallery, "Boston Cares auction".

08/16/05 - Added a new gallery, "Facepainting", removed a gallery.

08/06/05 - Coming real soon, wedding photos & and block party photos.

06/07/05 - Added a new gallery, "Dorchester Artists". Reorganized wedding galleries.

06/06/05 - Updated the Scott Heim gallery to include a link to the movie Mysterious Skin. A new gallery of photos featuring the members of the Dorchester Community Center for the Visual Arts coming really soon!

05/30/05 - New gallery of the band "Parts & Labor" in concert, "Three Guitars". Removed a gallery.

05/01/05 - New gallery: "Homestead".

03/17/05 - Added new gallery: "Getting The Shot: Scott Heim". Removed a gallery. Updated About and For Hire pages.

03/08/05 - Added new gallery: "Family Gathering". Removed a gallery.

02/28/05 - Added new gallery: "Many Roles". Removed a gallery.

02/25/05 - Added new gallery: "Mothers". Removed two galleries.

12/27/04 - Added new gallery: "Headshots". Removed two galleries.

12/03/04 - Back by request: Animals.

11/30/04 - Added new gallery of Chloe the dog.

11/08/04 - New gallery of photos of Barbara and Brendan "Barbara and Brendan".

10/31/04 - Added new gallery of photos: "Bill and Barbara's Wedding".

10/26/04 - Added third and last gallery of Cara and Tom wedding photos. All three wedding galleries can be seen here: "Cara and Tom's Wedding".

10/20/04 - Added second gallery of wedding photos: "Wedding Casuals". Removed a gallery. Thank you for visiting, and taking the time to browse. Please drop me a note at if you like any of my photos.

10/11/04 - Relocated content to server. Added new gallery: "A Son's Wedding". Removed a gallery.

10/05/04 - Fixed broken link on front page.

09/15/04 - Added new gallery before I go: "Female Gaze". Removed a gallery.

09/14/04 - Added new gallery: Fathers. I will be traveling, will have new content in three weeks.

09/08/04 - Added new gallery: Ireland. Removed "Parts and Labor" gallery. Those images can still be viewed here.

08/29/04 - Added new gallery: "Red Line". Removed a gallery. Ooops, fixed the "Spontaneity" gallery.

08/28/04 - Added new gallery: "Spontaneity".

07/24/04 - Added three new galleries: Hannah, concertina, Mary, kids, and Fenway Vendors. Some galleries were removed. Updated For Hire page.

07/11/04 - Updated the About page to mention how my material from BD Colen's photojournalism class is included in MIT's OCW Project.

07/02/04 - Added gallery of photos of adults.

07/01/04 - New page! It's all new. Please come back often. I will update the galleries every so often. New categories, new photos. Please send me email if you like what you see. If you're looking for the old web page, try here:

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