Tom Louie Photography:
Extraordinary Beauty in Everyday Life

Tom Louie has been taking photographs for over twenty years. His first camera was an ancient Kodak Pocket Instamatic 40. Thank goodness technology has advanced.

He now shoots primarily with a Canon Digital Rebel 85/1.8 and 20/2.8. He also uses a a Nikon FE 50/1.4 and a Pentax Super Program 35-200/3.0-4.5. His software image workflow consists of Photool IMatch, Adobe Photoshop CS and Neat Image Pro. Current b&w photos are individually manipulated in Photoshop, and older b&w photos where taken with Kodak Tri-X and T-Max.

In 2002, he studied photojournalism with BD Colen at MIT. Recently, Tom's work in the class was selected amongst several others to be included in MIT's OpenCourseWare Project, an effort to make MIT's course material available online for all to enjoy.

He currently lives and works in the Boston area.

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